The ultimate financial solution for SaaS. 

Built for unique SaaS accounting needs by experts in the field.


Made with ❤️ in Atlanta


Built for SaaS

We are a CPA founder-built startup for SaaS. Using our tech stack, we'll take care of your full suite of accounting needs for scale.


Revenue Recognition

Ditch your pesky excel spreadsheets for tracking revenue. We've automated revenue recognition based on ASC 606 regulations.


Powerful Insights

Drive your business with advanced analytics built for SaaS companies to scale. Handle the contract to close process with ease.

Your one-stop-platform for all financial needs


CFO Services

With expert CFO services, you will get strategic finance support with financial projections and scenario modeling for fundraising & growth.


A powerful accounting platform for all your bookkeeping and tax needs.

Taxes + R&D

Arbo handles your tax compliance and R&D credit optimization.

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