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Are you a startup founder or entrepreneur seeking guidance and resources to navigate the complex world of accounting and finance? Look no further!

Arbo is here to support your entrepreneurial journey with our comprehensive collection of guides and templates tailored to meet your accounting and financial needs.

Whether you're looking for templates to create professional financial statements, income statement generators, cash flow statement generators, cash flow forecast templates, balance sheet templates, business profitability guides, or even just a general founders guide, Arbo has you covered. 

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Income Statement Genrator

Income Statement Generator

The income statement presents the financial results of a business for a stated period of time. The statement quantifies the amount of revenue generated and expenses incurred by an organization during a reporting period, as well as any resulting net profit or loss. 

Income Statement Generator
Cash Flow Statement Generator

Cash Flow Statement Generator

The statement of cash flows is one of the financial statements issued by a business and describes the cash flows into and out of the company. Its focus is on the activities that create and use cash: operations, investments, and financing. 

Cash Flow Statement Generator

Depreciation Schedule Template

A depreciation schedule is a vital financial tool used to track the decline in the value of an asset over time. It helps businesses accurately allocate costs, plan for future expenses, and comply with tax regulations. This template assists founders in making informed decisions on optimizing budgeting and financial forecasting. 

Depreciation Schedule
Cash Flow Forecast Template

Cash Flow Forecast Template

Cash flow forecasting, also known as cash forecasting, is a way of estimating the flow of cash coming in and out of your business, across all areas, over a given period of time.  

Cash Flow Forecast template
Balance Sheet Template

Balance Sheet Template

A balance sheet is a statement of the assets, liabilities, and equity of a business or other organizations at a particular point in time. A balance sheet is also a snapshot of a company's financial condition.

Balance Sheet Template
Reading Financial Statements Guide

Reading Financial Statements Guide

Financial statements can be hard to read and tough to extract information from. In this guide, we will be going over reading balance sheets, cash flow statements, and income statements, and we have included a financial statement cheat sheet.

Financial Statements Guide
Due Dilligence

Due Diligence Checklist for Series A Startups

As a startup founder, navigating the Series A fundraising process can be exciting and challenging. One crucial aspect of this process is due diligence—the comprehensive assessment of your startup's legal, financial, and operational aspects. To streamline the due diligence process and expedite the closing of your Series A round, it's essential to have all the necessary documentation and information readily available.

Due Diligence for Series A Startups
Business Profitability guide

Use Financial Information to increase your business Profits Guide

Financial information is vital for every business in all industries. Financial health, cash flow, growth strategies, investments, and certain trends can all be extrapolated from financial statements. 

Business Profitabilty Guide
The Founders Guide

Founder's Guide for Startup

If you are beginning your journey of building your startup, congratulations! A few decisions should be made as a first step to creating your startup.

The Founders Guide

Here’s all the good stuff!

Financial Statement

Financial Statement Templates

key financial statements such as income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements

tax preparation

Tax Preparation Guides

tax preparation process, including documentation requirements, allowable deductions, and important deadlines

Business Valuation

Business Valuation Templates

for conducting business valuations, including methods such as discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis and market-based approaches

Record keeping

Record-Keeping Guides

effective record-keeping practices, including organizing receipts, invoices, and financial documents


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