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Very happy to have Arbo as our accounting service. The personalized help has been such a big help in assisting us with calculating our burn rate and runway. Arbo helps us as startup stay ahead of the game by ensuring we are prepared financially to grow and scale our impact.

As a solo founder, I don’t have time to handle my finances and that stressed me out. Arbo and their awesome team take that burden off me so I can better focus on delivering for my clients! It counts to have a team that understands my startup and my needs.

As a Startup founder, I'm responsible for driving the company's growth and success. Having the right visibility of my financials and getting accurate reporting helps my decision making while feeling confident this is well taken care of by the Arbo team and their user-friendly platform.

One-stop-platform for all your SaaS financial needs



A powerful accounting platform for all your bookkeeping and tax needs.


Taxes + R&D Credits

Arbo handles your tax compliance and R&D credit optimization.


CFO Services

With expert CFO services, you will get strategic finance support with financial projections and scenario modeling for fundraising & growth.

Financial Modeling-1

Forecasting (Beta)

Ditch your spreadsheet with Arbo's state-of-the-art forecasting tech built out of Fortune 30 companies!

Rev Recog

Revenue Recognition

Subscription management, revenue recognition to comply with ASC 606, and simplify reporting

Cohort Ana-2

Cohort Analysis (Beta)

Get insights into dollar retention by Cohort and streamline close management


Usable data and insights at your fingertips.

Easily track key business metrics like Burn rate, Revenue insights, Top 5 expenses, Operating expenses, Cash & bank balances, and more.

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